The Golden Grande Noida: A New Era in Commercial Real Estate

A prestigious commercial project in Greater Noida West offering high returns, prime location benefits, and modern amenities for business success.

The Golden Grande Noida: A New Era in Commercial Real Estate


Situated in the dynamic heart of Greater Noida West, Golden Grande crafted by Ashrai Infra is more than a commercial venture—it’s an architectural marvel that reshapes conventional expectations. This landmark project seamlessly merges business, retail, and leisure, creating an exclusive experience tailored for the privileged few.

About the Developer:

With 23 years of expertise, Ashrai Group, which mostly operates in Greater Noida, has left its mark on the real estate market. They currently have no ongoing projects, but they do have one completed project. Their extensive experience confirms their dedication to providing Greater Noida with high-quality real estate solutions. Being a seasoned participant in the field, Ashrai Group offers a wealth of experience to its projects, demonstrating a commitment to quality in all that it does.

About the Project:

The Golden Grande Noida Project isn’t just another development; it’s a standout marvel that elevates the city’s skyline with sophistication and grandeur. Golden Grande is a high-end project that guarantees a 12% return on investment. This profitable project is a New Commercial Project in Noida Extension by Ashrai Infra. 

The project features food courts, showrooms, retail stores, and immaculate office spaces. It offers significant rental value and is the finest investment with guaranteed rentals. UP RERA has approved this project. The project includes some reasonable budget investments that facilitate investment for all kinds of investors.

Key Features:

A well-known high-street shopping attraction is the Golden Grande Commercial Project. With spectacular window shopping and additional opportunities in the retail, food and beverage, IT, and related sectors, it fulfils the desires of customers even more. It enhances with the highest returns on investment. Its masterfully built building offers a wide range of business alternatives. Commercial solutions are available for the project to fit any budget. The Golden Grande Walkthrough, which includes 14 office spaces, 62 retail stores, and 5 food courts, gives the project a distinctive look. It appears as a brand-new business venture with cutting-edge architectural design in a desirable area.

The Benefit of Golden Grande, Noida Extension:

Golden Grande, a project by Ashrai Infra, is more than just a business venture; it's a chance for companies to grow and develop. This is a comprehensive analysis of the Golden Grande's Advantages:

International Standard Infrastructure:

Golden Grande's innovative design and global appeal make it a shining example of modernity. The project's architectural ingenuity produces a modern environment that combines dining, shopping, and working together harmoniously. In addition to meeting the aesthetic needs of the global citizen, this infrastructure of international standards creates an atmosphere that is favourable for corporate growth.

The Golden Grande Noida

Prime Location Benefits:

Golden Grande is ideally situated in Greater Noida West and has unmatched location benefits. Businesses working here benefit from quick access to the worldwide market since Noida International Airport is just a 40-minute drive away. Convenient access to the projected Kisan Chowk metro station allows for easy travel between Delhi, Noida, Ghaziabad, and Faridabad. With a 5-minute drive to the FNG Expressway, a 10-minute drive to the Delhi-Meerut Expressway, and a 20-minute drive to the DND Flyway, the project's accessibility is further improved.

Amenities Beyond Measure:

Golden Grande, Noida distinguishes itself by providing an extensive array of facilities, rendering it the favoured location for commercial entities. With its emphasis on IT/ITES high street retail, the project gives companies a venue to present their goods and services to a wide range of customers. Big infrastructure, big aesthetics, and huge sustainability are all benefits of ensuring that every element of the work environment is well-curated for success.


Low Maintenance:

The maintenance plan for the Golden Grande Location is reasonable. It is a guaranteed property because of its track record of effective mall management. It is the city's largest hub for food and drink. It has elevators, 100% leasing assistance, and a round-the-clock operation schedule. It is in a convenient and central position. Developers with a global reputation are the ones who enhance the business.


Golden Grande is your ticket to a major location where opportunity and quality collide. It's more than just a business space. The project's guiding principle of constructing greatness is in line with your goals, guaranteeing that your professional path is dotted with accomplishments. It's a place where great dreams come true, not just a place.

Take advantage of this chance for success, reserve your business space at Golden Grande, and watch as your company soars to new heights in a setting that combines unmatched potential, innovation, and quality. Here, in an environment that surpasses expectations and creates the foundation for a profound business experience, is where your journey to success begins.


What is Golden Grande?

Golden Grande is a prestigious commercial project in Greater Noida West developed by Ashrai Infra. It offers a blend of business, retail, and leisure spaces, promising high returns on investment.

What are the key features of Golden Grande?

Golden Grande boasts a variety of features including food courts, showrooms, retail stores, and office spaces. It offers a 12% return on investment and is approved by UP RERA. With its modern design and prime location, it's an attractive investment opportunity.

What are the advantages of Golden Grande's location?

Golden Grande is strategically located in Greater Noida West, offering easy access to the Noida International Airport, Kisan Chowk metro station, FNG Expressway, Delhi-Meerut Expressway, and DND Flyway. This convenient location facilitates business growth and accessibility to a wider market.

Why choose Golden Grande for your business?

Golden Grande provides international standard infrastructure, prime location benefits, a wide range of amenities, and low maintenance costs. It's more than just a business space; it's a place where opportunities and quality intersect, offering a conducive environment for business success.

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