5 New Commercial Projects in Gurgaon

Discover lucrative investment opportunities in Gurgaon's booming commercial real estate sector. Explore new projects for high returns and growth potential.

5 New Commercial Projects in Gurgaon


Investment in new commercial projects in Gurgaon has been viewed as having strong growth prospects and excellent returns. And we're talking about Gurgaon, also known as the Millennium City. It has grown dramatically during the previous few decades. Many individuals relocate to Gurgaon because of its established infrastructure and the presence of IT businesses. As a result, demand for residential and commercial projects in Gurgaon is increasing.

There are many newly launched commercial projects in Gurgaon initiatives that major organizations and well-known firms rely on for their commercial value. The city's proximity to Delhi, as well as its thriving economy, makes it a prominent trade and commercial hub. Gurgaon offers several opportunities to create a new office, or retail space, or invest in commercial property.

Omaxe Dwarka

This business won the project from the Delhi Development Authority and would invest INR 2,100 crore to build a sports complex and retail building at the prime Dwarka site in the nation's capital. The developer plans to build a retail centre and a sports arena. In Delhi, the OMAXE project has started to build a facility that includes a sports complex and retail space.


Visitors will have access to dining, shopping, and entertainment options within the commercial space. The developer's constructed clubs and sports stadiums would be turned over to DDA for upkeep and construction after 30 years. The proposed sports and commercial complex will be leased for 99 years. As stipulated in the contract that was signed with the Delhi Development Authority. 

With a meticulously crafted floor plan spanning 50.40 acres, every aspect caters to the diverse needs of modern consumers, from high-end retail spaces to a world-class sports complex. Offering a compelling 12% return on investment and a flexible payment plan, coupled with 100% lease assurance, this project stands as a beacon of prosperity in the dynamic realm of real estate. Now is the time to seize the opportunity and secure your stake in this unparalleled enterprise.

Key Factors:

3.5 Million Sq. Ft. Retail Space 

50:50 Flexible Payment Plan

The Outdoor Stadium Can Accommodate Up To 30,000 Spectators

2000 Seats Available In Omaxe Dwarka Delhi's Indoor Setting

Round-The-Clock Power And Water Supply

Assured Rentals up to 12%

M3M Jewels

Let me introduce the first project, M3M Jewel, by M3M Commercial in Gurgaon, India's first premium retail boutique. The project is located in Sector 25 on M.G. Road. M3M Jewel Sector 25 provides office space in MG Road Gurgaon. Furthermore, it provides 3-level retail, a 2-level food court, big anchor spaces, and a 4-screen cinema to meet the different needs of businesses.


M3M Jewel by the M3M Group features modern facades, efficient floor plans, and mezzanine floors. The proposal features double-height businesses with a large glass façade. Furthermore, all aspects of the property have been tailored to improve the client experience.

M3M Jewel Gurgaon features a variety of sophisticated amenities geared to meet the different demands of tourists. Everything from 24-hour security and high-speed elevators to abundant parking and power backup facilities provides ease and comfort.

Furthermore, M3M Jewel MG Road Sector 25 is situated in an appropriate area. It is well-connected to all major landmarks. Furthermore, M3M Jewel is bordered by more than 50 upscale houses and 100+ corporate entities. Furthermore, more than one lakh people visit the nearby metro station every day.

Key Factors:

Assured Rentals Up To 12%

2+ Lacs* Catchment

Double Height Shops

50+ Premium Residences In The Vicinity

100+ Corporates In The Vicinity

Dedicated Space For Restaurants, Food Court, and Café On The Fourth Level.

M3M Paragon 57 

Located on Golf Course Road, Sector 57, Gurgaon. M3M purchased 3.16 acres of property. M3M Paragon 57 is an excellent mix of commercial high-street shops, hypermarkets, cinemas, and 1BHK duplex apartments. It is a novel concept that Gurgaon has never seen before.


M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon features a one-bedroom duplex apartment, a service floor, a club room, a 5-screen cinema, a terrace, and double-height showrooms. Additionally, the third and fourth floors of this skyscraper are dedicated to theatres and entertainment.

The third floor also has a restaurant and a food court. Furthermore, the ground floor is dedicated to the hypermarket. The site features unique retail enterprises that appeal to everyone's needs.

The entrance to M3M Paragon 57 will have modern flooring, lighting, a vertical garden, and a water feature. Furthermore, it includes 24-foot-high double-height enterprises with mezzanine floors.

M3M Paragon 57 Gurgaon has one BHK duplex apartments with 301 units ranging from 1,210 sq ft. This floor-to-floor ceiling measures 19 feet. It also features a private balcony with views of the city.

Key Factors:

The Total Project Area Is 1.5 Acres.

Offering Retail Shops, Restaurants And Food Courts

2nd And 3rd Floor Exclusively For F&B

Triple Height Shops On The Ground Floor

High-Street Retail

Showrooms: Double-Height Showrooms

M3M 65th Avenue 

Located on the Main Golf Course Extension Road in Gurgaon's Sector 65. This massive structure, built on a 14.41-acre tract of land, will host multiple retail establishments and become a landmark in this affluent urban neighbourhood. All commercial business owners can still book retail space in this shopping mall to open their stores. However, business enterprise owners should evaluate the M3M 65th Avenue price before investing.


This huge retail centre is flanked by many affluent residential complexes, which house over 40,000 people. Multiple firms have already reserved space at this retail location. Every store is quite large, with bridges connecting stores on different levels. Various cafes and restaurants will provide clients with a great dining experience. 

The M3M 65th Avenue Sector 65 stores are cleverly designed with double-height conference areas. The well-thought-out floor plan allows people to easily explore along the extensive corridors. You can view the businesses and the things they have on display along these avenues because each shop has a large window.

Key Factors:

Biggest Retail Street Market Format In Gurgaon

Large Storefronts And Glazing Area For Retail Units

Lease Assistance On A+ Brands

Basement For Parking With Boom Barriers

8 Screen Pvr Multiplex

Seamless Connectivity With Golf Course Extension Road

Emaar EBD 83 SCO

Sector 83 is a major part of Gurgaon's commercial hub. Emaar EBD 83 provides commercial spaces that meet the changing demands of businesses in Gurgaon. It features 25 large road openings.


Emaar EBD 83 SCO Sector 83 seeks to reinvent the concept of mixed-use buildings by seamlessly mixing retail and office spaces. It will feature superb restaurants, entertainment zones, studios, and relaxing areas. This commercial property has many amenities, including parking, a new entry, and internal streetlights. Furthermore, it contains all of the latest amenities, such as a waterbody (with jets), E.V. Charging Stations, and a Graphite Wall.

Emaar EBD 83's exceptional location is one of its best advantages, providing businesses with the most visibility and exposure possible. This business hub is located on NH 48, close to the Kherki Daula/Manesar Toll Plaza. It provides good communication between Gurugram, Delhi NCR, and Manesar in all directions.

Key Factors:

Premium Shop Cum Office Plots

Offer flexibility of owning and building in your commercial land parcel.

Defined and developed Infrastructure

Development permission for basement, ground, and four floors.

E.V. Charging Stations

Several residential societies in the vicinity


1. What are the major upcoming commercial projects in Gurgaon?

Some major upcoming commercial projects in Gurgaon include Omaxe Dwarka, M3M Jewels, M3M Paragon 57, M3M 65th Avenue, and Emaar EBD 83 SCO.

2. What amenities are offered in Omaxe Dwarka?

Omaxe Dwarka offers amenities such as 3.5 million sq. ft. of retail space, flexible payment plans, an outdoor stadium accommodating up to 30,000 spectators, 2000 seats in the indoor setting, round-the-clock power and water supply, and assured rentals up to 12%.

3. Where is M3M Jewels located, and what does it offer?

M3M Jewels is located in Sector 25 on M.G. Road in Gurgaon. It offers office space, 3-level retail spaces, a 2-level food court, big anchor spaces, a 4-screen cinema, assured rentals up to 12%, double-height shops, and dedicated space for restaurants and cafes.

4. What unique features does M3M Paragon 57 offer?

M3M Paragon 57, located on Golf Course Road, Sector 57, Gurgaon, offers a mix of commercial high-street shops, hypermarkets, cinemas, and 1BHK duplex apartments. Unique features include triple-height shops on the ground floor, high-street retail, double-height showrooms, and a modern entrance with flooring, lighting, vertical garden, and water feature.

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